The Number 1 Way to Learn Grammar to Improve Sentence Construction

The Number 1 Way to Learn Grammar to Improve Sentence Construction

We want to write beautiful sentences.

We want to have more options in the type of sentences we can write.

But if we have limited understanding about grammatically correct ways of constructing sentences, we will be stuck in the same old types of sentences we always create.

If we want more options, we'll have to know the variety of ways these sentences may be constructed.

And there is a fast and easy way to learn about and get better at sentence construction.

It is… drum rolls…

Sentence diagramming!

The main draw of a sentence diagram is that it is a picture showing you the relationship between words, phrases, and clauses.

After all, a picture speaks louder than words!

But that's not all.

Here are three additional ways sentence diagramming helps you to improve your grammar and writing.


1. See how words, phrases and clauses relate to one another

We know there are grammatical rules underlying sentences we construct.

We may know whether a sentence is grammatically correct by intuition.

But we do not consciously know what these rules are.

Sentence diagramming changes this issue we face. After learning how to draw these diagrams, we are able to parse out words, phrases and clauses in a sentence and understand the relationship between all these words.

This is much clearer than using words to explain all these rules.

Often teachers try to simplify these rules by coming up with superficial techniques to help students remember and abide to them. Doing these prevents students from learning the fundamental basis to these rules.

This leads to the second way sentence diagramming helps you improve your grammar and writing.


2. Understand fundamental grammar concepts fast, even the seemingly difficult ones.

There are lots of grammar concepts out there, some of which are familiar to you, while others look extremely complicated.

And these concepts include words and phrases like prepositionparticiplegerund, and relative clause.

You may have heard of a few of these concepts and may also think you understand what they mean.

But these concepts may mean more than what you think they mean. They also relate to one another in a deeper way if you understand the fundamentals.

Sentence diagramming helps you understand these fundamentals easily. It also helps you to start implementing new ways of writing sentences once you understand these fundamentals.

Finally, here's the third reason sentence diagramming helps you in grammar and writing.


3. It's fun to diagram sentences!

We grow up thinking that grammar is boring. We used to do tedious drills and memorize lots of rules and exceptions. They may help us improve our grammar, but we hate doing them.

At the same time, learning grammar in the old-fashioned way is not that effective too. How many of us have difficulties with grammar even after all these years of learning grammar since young?

Sentence diagramming is a more effective way to learn grammar, because it focuses on the fundamentals of sentence construction.

Not only that, sentence diagramming is fun!

How so?

Part of it comes from seeing grammatical relationships you didn't know before.

Part of it comes from learning how simple all these seemingly complicated grammar concepts are.

Part of it comes from drawing beautiful sentence diagrams that reveal the inner workings of sentences easily.

And part of it comes from the satisfaction of knowing how a great sentence you love is constructed.

All these reasons make sentence diagramming fun.

If you want learn to 4 ways to improve your grammar, consider getting my free guidebook 4 Ways to Improve Your Grammar.

There you go! Sentence diagramming is the one thing that improves your grammar and sentence construction fast.

Try it out yourself and see how it dramatically improves your grammar and writing! :)

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