5 Short Steps to Improve Your Vocabulary

We all know that learning vocabulary is crucial in our road to master English.

However, it can be difficult to do so indeed.

I remember there was a time when I did terribly at English. I lacked the ability to express whatever I wanted to say or write, and often relied on a word I knew that did not sufficiently express what I intended to express. I felt helpless.

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Mastering Tenses

Many of you have told me you have trouble with tenses. Indeed, it can be confusing, especially if we don’t really express the past, present and future in a few of our native languages. But in English, we do have to represent time in one way or another using tenses.

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How Does Great Grammar Improve Your Writing?

Everyone of us know that learning grammar is important. It is essential to writing and speaking well.

But many of us underestimate the true importance in mastering grammar. We think that we can rely on our intuitions, honed by reading how others write and listening to how others speak.